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Warranty Policy

Scope of Warranty

WAJUD FZCO shall provide warranty cover for products that we have clearly stated in our invoice or email from official domain. (hereinafter referred to as: “products”, “parts “or “items “) of the WAJUD® Spare Parts brand. This his guarantee shall exclusively apply to newly produced parts sold by WAJUD. It shall not cover exchanged parts and reworked old parts. The claimant must provide evidence that these requirements are met, e.g., by presenting a copy of an original invoice addressed to him or appropriate documents from the supplier/s. As soon as a claimant asserts claims under this guarantee against WAJUD, claims of other beneficiaries (other buyers in the supply chain) for the same product shall be ruled out. This guarantee shall only apply to defects of the part and not to consequential damages caused thereby. It shall apply in addition to our statutory liability for material defects and shall restrict no statutory claims of the beneficiaries under this guarantee against WAJUD, in particular no claims for damages regardless of the legal grounds. As a prerequisite for claiming guarantee, all claims must be handled via the supply chain, so that the guarantee claim for the respective claimant must be submitted to WAJUD by the original purchaser to whom WAJUD directly sold the product that has given rise to complaint.


Claim Procedure

Customer shall notify WAJUD regarding a warranty claim through contacting its sales rep. Claim description is required with every claim and is responsibility of customer to complete all information requested in a timely manner.

If determined by our Claims department that more information is required or parts are required to evaluate the failure, the customer will be notified and an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) will be generated for local purchase, for foreign purchase other means such as pictures will be used, no warranty will be accepted without pre inspection request through RGA or pictures. Failure to cooperate may void the claim due to lack of information and/or parts requested (WAJUD reserves the right to examine every part subject to the claim under this Warranty). Only parts under Warranty that are suspected to have failed can be returned in used condition with our prior authorization. Warranty will be void if returned merchandise is damaged due to improper packaging or neglect. Coverage will also be void if any third party delivering such merchandise has damaged the product.

If a Warranty Claim is denied all parts submitted for examination to WAJUD will be kept for 30 days only. This Warranty is provided only to direct WAJUD customers and not to any other parties. The parties agree that any legal action, suit or proceeding arising under or in connection with the Warranty shall be instituted in a federal or state court located in UAE, which shall be the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of said legal proceedings.

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