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Providing value conscious alternatives for our clients.

Our Philosophy

We believe business is all about people, hence we strive to exceed customer expectations in everything we do and holding ourselves accountable at every step. Our customers are at the heart of every decision we make. In our busy, fast-paced culture, we focus on building long-term relationships, both within our own team and with our customers. We strive to act like a partner to our clients and combine traditional values with innovative ideas to deliver unparalleled service.

Maintenance of high ethical standards in external and internal relationships is essential to maximum success. Therefore,  in our work ethic we expect all our team to be honest and truly believe in the products and company values. Decisions should be based on facts, objectively considered, or the thought-through approach. People should be judged based on their performance, not on personality, education, or personal traits and skills.

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Our Journey

10 years ago our company was established as an exporter in partner with various manufacturers across the globe to provide wide range of spare parts for heavy-duty commercial vehicles at competitive prices and fastest way accessible, while upholding the high standards and customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we developed culture in our work force right from operators to supervisors to have passion for challenges, continuous improvement, excellence and particularly value people and developing the products through careful consideration of expected production cost, longevity and safety. 

Today we have diverse our business in many sectors but maintaining the same ethic and work culture that made us continue to thrive.

 Our focus in the region is to build meaningful partnerships and provide solutions based on local needs. We look forward to working with new partners and strengthening our current regional partnerships.

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