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To earn the trust of our customers we have carefully developed this brand through combining our long experiences and customer feedback. Thus we obtained a finest reputation for supplier of choice. Today we have a convincing range of products for European truck parts under the brand name WAJUD and continuously developing and improving the brand identity and ranges.

Our wide range of aftermarket parts are at the most competitive pricing with 1 years warranty. Our brands has always exceeded expectations and satisfied of our customers to the fullest. Hence we continue to search and include new products that manufactures high quality at a competitive price and do not compromise the integrity, reliability and expected functional capabilities.


We bring tested quality products to the road. Every product undergoes rigorous testing process to prove that it can perform its functionality under the toughest terrain of the trucks. Our testing and inspection process include Dimensional Analysis, Material Identification, Hardness, Surface Thickness, Load, and more. 

Right before the parts are sent for packaging our engineers inspect all our manufactured products to ensure the quality and other technical specifications are consistent and matches our requirement. Which means you can always rely on high quality, durability and efficiency. 

This enabled us to pass an in-depth set of assessments to achieve the honor of ISO-9001:2015 certification for our quality management system.

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